International Ministries Assemblies of God

Our motivation is the Great Commission. It is the reason we go; it is the reason we ask for funds, build buildings and train leaders. We do what we do in obedience to God and through the power of the Holy Spirit. Our reason for being is anchored in the past and what was accomplished during the 100 years of our mission’s history. But we are advancing into the future totally dependent on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us as we build upon past accomplishments and do even more for the cause of Christ.

Throughout our 100 year history, we have emphasized the important of indigenous principles in planting self governing, self propagating and self financing churches. We have seen our worldwide fellowship grow to more than 65 million believers, 358 000 churches, 2 000 bible schools and 119 000 bible school students. That kind of growth doesn’t happen just because of good strategy; it happens because of the Holy Spirit outpouring.

As we cast the vision for the Assemblies of God, we emphasizing three particular areas; partnerships, unreached people groups, and the suffering church. Over the past years we have advanced each of these areas, but we have much more to do in the future.